Best Fat Burners

Best Fat Burners of 2012

How can I slim down and lose more weight? This seemingly simple question is on the minds of millions of people everyday. The fact is, obesity is growing into a larger epidemic by the day, and more and more people are finding it difficult to counteract fat buildup and avoid putting on those dreaded extra pounds. Some people choose to accept this fact and simply lie down and do nothing about it, while others choose to fight this problem and try to find other means of getting fit. So what can you do when dieting alone doesn’t seem to be getting you closer towards your weight loss goals? Where can you turn to after spending countless hours in the gym every week and seeing little return for your efforts? The answer may be easier than you thought…

There are many fat burning solutions available for those looking to get more fit. The first and most obvious one is dieting. What types of foods you eat on a regular basis can have a drastic effect on your weight. It all comes down to making the right choices. For example, you should stay away from foods high in saturated fats and sugars. Such foods like butter, chocolate, cheeses, or processed meats make it extremely difficult for your body to burn off fat. Another way to diet is to replace unhealthy snacks that you eat during your day with healthier better tasting alternatives. Next time you feel hungry and want a quick snack, try reaching for a fruit or a vegetable instead of a cookie or a bag of potato chips. These small and obvious changes can add up throughout the course of your week and result in HUGE improvements in your overall health.

Another more drastic fat burning solution that you can consider, when dieting alone just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done, is to make some overall changes in the way that you live completely. This may involve something as simple as getting more sleep at night by going to bed a little earlier, to a much bigger change such as visiting the gym a couple times a week. Perhaps if possible you can even choose to ride your bike to work a few times a month instead of driving. Those who sit behind a desk all day and live an inactive lifestyle for the most part are going to find it a lot more difficult to burn fat than those who are constantly on the move. Sometimes all it takes is waking up 20 minutes earlier every morning and going for a short walk around your neighborhood for you to experience a huge improvement in your overall weight loss and fitness.

However, sometimes its just not that easy…

Sometimes an apple just isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger and put an end to your grumbling stomach pains. Sometimes you just need to have a burger or a can of soda and don’t give a crap how many calories you’re putting into your body. Sometimes your’e simply too busy to go for a walk in the mornings because you either work for long hours and need the sleep or have to take the kids to the bus stop before you start your day. If you are one of these people who want to lose weight and are willing to do anything it takes but just don’t have the time, patience, or will power to do so then you’ve came to the right place. Don’t give up just yet. The answer to your fat burning and weight loss goals might just be in the form of a tiny pill known as a Thermogenic Fat Burner

What is a Thermogenic Fat Burner?

A Fat Burner is any type of dietary supplement that’s main purpose is to speed up the process in which the body gets rid of stored fat. More specifically, a Thermogenic Fat Burner is one that works by increasing your bodies natural metabolism, which as a result leads to an increase in heat production by the body, thus resulting in a greater number of calories burned. The ingredients in these types of products are known as thermogenic ingredients. Some of the most popular ones include caffeine, green tea extract, 7 keto, synephrine, and geranium stem. The most common effects of thermogenic fat burners that one can expect to experience are:

– Increase in Energy

– Improved Mental Focus

– Suppression of Appetite

– Increase in Metabolism

– Burning of More Calories

Thermogenic fat burners also work by increasing your bodies natural heart rate. This forces your body to increase the amount of blood that flows through its veins, while causing your body temperature to rise at the same time. With all this added blood circulating around, the body now has to work twice as hard to keep up with the increase in workload. What is the point of all this you ask? More calories are burned as a result of this entire process, thus allowing your to burn excess fat quicker and shed more weight easier.

Now that you have somewhat of an idea of what a thermogenic fat burner actually is, it’s time to take a look at the top products on the market that can offer these types of effects. Since fat burners continue to grow in popularity year after year, many new products continue to come out, all of which claim to do exactly what their competitors do but better. It’s up to you as a consumer to sort through all the nonsense and false information to find out which is the best product to take. has done all the hard work for you. Listed below are the most effective fat burners on the market right now. They are each ranked on Fat burning Effectiveness, Quality of Ingredients, and Price per Serving.


The Most Effective Fat Burners


#1 – Alpha Labs Ultimate Oxy

Alpha Labs Ultimate Oxy is one of the hottest thermogenic fat burners on the market right now. Their new formula utilizes the powerful fat burning ingredient known as Geranium Stem. This super thermogenic ingredient has been found to greatly increase your metabolic rate, allowing your body to burn calories at astonishing levels. The main claim of Ultimate Oxy is that it is able to target the right type of fat, whereas other fat burners simply decrease your water weight or get rid of the less important fat surrounding your organs (aka your visceral fat mass). The “right” fat is known as subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that exists below the first layer of skin that surrounds your muscles.

Ultimate Oxy is great because it promotes thermogenesis in your body throughout your entire day, even after you are finished working out. This means that you are constantly burning calories and fat, no matter how inactive you might be for that day. This product is a great solution for those types of people who live a hectic life and can’t find time for the gym or are unable to eat healthy on a consistent basis. Alpha Labs new Ultimate Oxy ranks supreme with it’s appetite curving abilities (in the form of Guarana) and it’s highly effective metabolism boosting effects. It’s a must have product of 2012 for those trying to lose weight fast!

 Find Alpha Labs Ultimate Oxy Here


#2 – Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut was one of the first fat burners to make its way onto the scene and for that reason it ranks as number two here on the list. Some of the ingredients in this product include calcium, chromium, potassium, and Hydroxycut’s own “HydroxyTea” blend. Green tea as you may already know is a great ingredient to incorporate into ones diet if you are looking to lose extra weight. The reason being is that green tea is responsible for increasing fat metabolism within your body. Hydroxycut also has a pretty good dose of caffeine per serving, making it a very effective energy booster for both the mind and the body.

One of the downsides of this product is that it is not considered very effective unless combined with vigorous dieting and exercise. Hydroxycut does not stand well as a fat burner on its own, meaning those of you who live a hectic lifestyle or simply do not like to workout are going to find it very difficult to achieve you weight loss goals on just Hydroxycut alone. However, when taken as a fat loss supplement combined with consistent exercise and dieting, Hydroxycut can be a very powerful and effective thermogenic fat burner.

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#3 – USP Labs OxyElite Pro

OxyElite Pro is one of the newest products brought to you by the dependable manufacturers over at USP Labs. This highly potent Fat Burner packs a serious punch. It focuses on reducing the effectiveness of the Alpha 2 receptor, which is the primary reason why losing fat is difficult in the first place. The Alpha 2 receptor helps the body store fats while also preventing their breakdown at the same time. By reducing the effectiveness of these receptors, your body is able to burn fat much easier and a lot faster.

OxyElite Pro is known for using high quality ingredients in their thermogenic formulas. Like most top of the line fat burners, it successfully aids in curbing your appetite while boosting your metabolism at the same time. Also as with taking fat burners supplements, in order to experience the best results possible, you should incorporate some sort of diet and fitness plan into your routine. When considering taking a thermogenic fat burner, OxyElite Pro competes with the best of them.

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#4 – Xenadrine EFX



Xenadrine EFX is another solid thermogenic fat burner that is able to deliver effective results in a relatively quick time span. Since it includes l-tyrosine and acetyl-l-tyrosine, both of which are amino acids associated with neurotransmitters that control your mood and feelings, this product can also be used as a mood lifter to a small degree. It also has another ingredient, Phenylethylamine, which aids in increasing attention levels and has been shown to help in relieving levels of depression. The previously mentioned ingredients contribute to making Xenadrine not only an effective fat burner, but a pretty good mood enhancer as well.

The category Xenadrine EFX falls shorter in than the other three thermogenic fat burners is with its metabolism boosting effects. It is not as strong as the other products to this degree, which is why it ranks last on this list. Although Xenadrine EFX is great for boosting energy levels and also your mood, it is a slightly above average fat burner when it comes to suppressing appetite and forcing your body to burn extra calories quicker.

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